Karen Grubbs

Stand for africa

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In 2002, Karen Grubbs was a staff pastor leading a local church’s children’s ministry and a widowed mom of five when she joined a short-term mission team to Uganda and South Sudan. The decision changed her life and the focus of her ministry forever. Over time, her ministry to the South Sudanese and people of Northern Uganda has led to what is known today as Stand for Africa.

The activities of Stand For Africa continue to evolve to meet the needs of the people in South Sudan and Northern Uganda. The primary focus is always loving the people as the hands and feet of Jesus. We address their practical needs while equipping them to lead and make changes through seminars, discipleship, and leadership training.

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Karen has partnered with Mission Dispatch. To invest in Stand for Africa and  Karen's work with the South Sudanese and Ugandans, click the link below. Your support will help transform lives through the activities and projects.