Pastor Richard Farris

Foursquare Missions International Emissary to Foursquare Disaster Relief

Get to know the mission.

Foursquare Disaster Relief (FDR) serves those affected by natural disasters, diseases or war worldwide by partnering with local churches, providing spiritual care and meeting physical needs.

Whether it is a fire, tornado, flood or earthquake, FDR is there, connecting churches with resources to assist individuals in their time of need. The convulsions of the world and the shortages of food come from many different problems, and FDR is not there to assess where the blame lies but to help rescue people in their time of need and help to provide the needed resources to meet the immediate need. Pastor Richard works as a volunteer in the international arena. I have assisted in food crises in Burundi, South Sudan, Indonesia, India and many others. People need each other, and it is the goal of FDR and my personal goal to help provide the resources that help individuals find Jesus.  

Support The mission now

FDR income is not used to pay salaries or office overhead; each of us as emissaries are self-supported, raising our living expenses to allow over 95 % of the funds given to the organization to make it into the mouths of the people who need it.